• "Learn to point the finger. If people are giving you the thumbs down on your outfit, simply pass the buck, 'Yes, I know… isn't it hideous! The designer should be ashamed of himself.'"

  • "Sometimes fashion can damage your credibility: nobody wants a colonoscopy performed by some chick in a Comme des Garcons hump dress or a Cavalli sequined unitard."

  • "I like my politicians-and their wives-to be frumpy and frowzy. They must deny themselves any fashion indulgences so that the rest of us can be flossie flosssie and fabulous."

  • "As you get older make sure your eye-wear gets larger. Think Yoko Ono! Think Swifty Lazar! By the time I am 80 I want to be Mr McGoo."

  • "Ditsy jewelry is annoying and unacceptable. Rocks and gems should be emphatic: e.g., turquoise. It’s bold, it’s chunky, it’s bohemian–even if you’re not. It has many moods and magic properties including, some say, the power to protect a rider from a falling off a horse."

Simon in the News

The new season of NBC’s MAKING-IT, featuring judge Simon Doonan, has begun! Follow the link below for more info and tune in Thursdays at 8pm (7pm Central).

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Simon in the News

February 2021: KEITH HARING by Simon Doonan, published by Laurence King Publishing. Available in loads of places.

“The public has a right to art… Art is for everybody” – Keith Haring

Order now on Amazon

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by Simon Doonan.
Published by Phaidon.

Get your stripes on for Fall.

“How to Be Yourself is a cheeky, kind, and vibrant look at what it takes to shape your one beautiful and wild life.”
— Amy Poehler

Ships October 14th in North America, September 3rd everywhere else.

Pre-order now

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Lock up your rabid raccoons! Tranquilize your gerbils!!! Try to stay calm.
Making It, Season 2 kicks off December 2nd!!!!

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Simon in the News

Btw I have a giant head. Swollen because am so proud of our Emmy-nominated blockbuster hit! Season 2 coming right up.

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Simon in the News

Simon Doonan may be known for his crisply tailored suits and vibrant prints, but don’t let the menswear fool you. The author and style icon knows a thing or two about drag as well.

His new book Drag: The Complete Story takes an in-depth look at the art form throughout history. With wry humor and a keen eye for its cultural context, Doonan examines drag going as far back as ancient Egypt all the way up to RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Yes, from the Pyramids to Drag Race. Epic.

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Simon in the News

RuPaul is famous for saying, “You’re born naked and the rest is drag.” Considering the cultural impact drag is having, RuPaul’s words are resonating with millions of new fans, but the art of drag is far from new. Drag: The Complete Story by Simon Doonan, writer, fashion icon and Creative Ambassador-at-large for Barneys New York, perfectly captures the delightfully drag-filled moment we’re currently living in, while offering a glimpse into the long legacy of drag.

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Simon in the News

To understand where drag is going, Barneys’ legendary creative ambassador Simon Doonan takes an a look back at the history of the art form in his new book.

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Simon in Print

Drag: The Complete Story, by Simon Doonan, published by Laurence King is a cultural history of drag, from Rome to the Renaissance, through the reign of Ru Paul. *Author’s proceeds benefit the Ali Forney Center to protect LGBTQ youth from the harms of homelessness.

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