• "Learn to point the finger. If people are giving you the thumbs down on your outfit, simply pass the buck, 'Yes, I know… isn't it hideous! The designer should be ashamed of himself.'"

  • "Sometimes fashion can damage your credibility: nobody wants a colonoscopy performed by some chick in a Comme des Garcons hump dress or a Cavalli sequined unitard."

  • "I like my politicians-and their wives-to be frumpy and frowzy. They must deny themselves any fashion indulgences so that the rest of us can be flossie flosssie and fabulous."

  • "As you get older make sure your eye-wear gets larger. Think Yoko Ono! Think Swifty Lazar! By the time I am 80 I want to be Mr McGoo."

  • "Ditsy jewelry is annoying and unacceptable. Rocks and gems should be emphatic: e.g., turquoise. It’s bold, it’s chunky, it’s bohemian–even if you’re not. It has many moods and magic properties including, some say, the power to protect a rider from a falling off a horse."

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Valley of the Dolls, 50th Anniversary Edition

with forward by Simon Doonan

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One Couple’s Imagination Goes Wild at a 1967 Weekend Retreat.

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One Note

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February 1, 2016

Valley of the Dolls at 50

The pill-popping, fame-whoring, beauty-chasing book is more apropos than ever.

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