Wacky Chicks

Life Lessons from Fearlessly Inappropriate and Fabulously Eccentric Women

Most of us know a wacky chick. She’s a true nonconformist, a woman who dares to be different. On any ordinary day she might be found performing a citizen’s arrest, running a concession stand at a swingers’ convention, or wearing a tiara on top of a cowboy hat. Even when conservatively dressed, wacky chicks give themselves away with their fire and exuberance: their outrageous personalities make them as easy to spot as a flamingo prancing among pigeons.

Once considered a rarity, this wild and wonderful species seems to be increasing its numbers. In Wacky Chicks, irreverent social commentator and humor writer Simon Doonan celebrates this growing phenomenon by introducing readers to a bracing cross section of today’s most provocative and unconventional women.

A book that pays tribute to the wild and unstoppable female in each of us, Wacky Chicks is the ultimate guide to embracing your inner rebel. Mixing intimate and outrageous interview material with philosophical interludes, Simon Doonan brings you on a soul-searching journey that may leave you creating hats out of tinfoil or opening your own hot dog stand, infinitely self-assured and infinitely wacky.

“Once again, Simon Doonan paints a madcap landscape, filled with colorful characters. Well, you know, he’s a funny, funny man.”
—Sandra Bernhard

“Wacky Chicks introduces the most delectable bunch of vaginas I’ve encountered in ages. A hilarious reminder that rampant individuality and borderline lunacy pave a route to liberation.”
—Eve Ensler

“Simon Doonan is not just a brilliant artist, he is also a keen observer of the most wacky, insane pockets of our society. As a woman I applaud him, as a reader I laugh with him, and as a book buyer I can tell you that Wacky Chicks is worth paying retail for.”
—Joan Rivers

“Simon is a male Lucille Ball.”
—Donna Karan

“My favorite fresh new writer of the year award goes to Simon Doonan…the most brash and brilliant thing in type.”
—Liz Smith

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