Eccentric Glamour

In his fourth book Simon Doonan offers a defense against the tidal wave of slutty dressing and porno-chic which has been engulfing us since the arrival of Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith, may she rest in peace, and Tara Reid.

Simon Doonan believes that eccentric glamour—a unique personal style—is every woman’s birthright. Constructing and designing a glamorously eccentric you means understanding and magnifying the core of your individuality. While the typical TV boobs ‘n’ botox make-overs force everywoman to look the same—see The Real Housewives of Orange County—the transformations which he strives to provoke in this book are the very opposite.

Those who have enjoyed stories about Mr. Doonan’s early years in his New York Observer columns and previous books will be happy to know the dramatis personae of his wacky childhood—key figures in the evolution of his beliefs regarding eccentric glamour—are omnipresent, including his blind Aunt Phyllis and his self-invented eccentrically glamorous parents Terry and Betty. With a missionary zeal, Simon Doonan offers the women of America an alternative to the ubiquitous cheapness and tackiness which currently passes for personal style.

“[Doonan is] a post-feminist writer cloaked in the drag of a sly fashion insider.”
—The New York Times

“Doonan doesn’t take himself too seriously and he writes with a wicked wit.”
—Los Angeles Times

“Simon Doonan is a modern Noel Coward with a dash of Auntie Mame and Liberace thrown in for good measure!”
—Michael Kors

“Simon Doonan is one of the most clever, funny, wicked, silly, sweet people on this planet. He and his sinister wit are glamorously sublime.”
—Narciso Rodriguez

“Who better than Simon to write about glamour and eccentricity? He is both!”
—Diane Von Furstenberg

“Simon Doonan… the most brash and brilliant thing in type.”
—Liz Smith

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