Confessions of a Window Dresser

Since Confessions of a Window Dresser was first published in hardcover, Simon Doonan’s star has continued to rise. The bestselling Confessions brought Doonan to the attention of those beyond the fashion world and launched him into widespread recognition as the creative director of the fashion temple Barneys New York. Not only the genius-provocateur behind the most anticipated, talked-about, and controversial window displays in the world, today Doonan is also an acknowledged style and culture maven for the mainstream.

Now in paperback, Confessions of a Window Dresser’s entertaining text and more than 250 full-color images trace Doonan’s dynamic career and highlight his most famous and infamous tableaux. The book celebrates the pop culture of the last twenty years, including the grooviest merchandise, the hottest fashion trends, and the most gossiped-about glitterati. With his inimitable British sense of humor (Monty Python comes to mind), Doonan shares his creative inspirations, insights on his collaborations with fashion designers (Prada, Comme des Garcons, Chanel, Armani, Lang, Alaia, Lacroix, and Gaultier, among many others), and what it’s like to work with some of the most notorious artists and celebrities of our day.

Confessions of a Window Dresser—a cheeky and insightful chronicle of a life lived at the intersection of art and commerce—will intrigue not only the most dedicated fashion groupies but also anyone interested in design, image, and style.

“…a seam-splitting romp…This is a dangerously subversive book… because if you don’t injure yourself laughing, you may die of envy.” —Alice Van Housen, Chicago Social

“Simon Doonan has been less a window dresser than a pane-bound Prospero, luring passersby with voyeuristic peeks into his eccentrically imagined worlds.” —Kristiana Zimbalist, Vogue

“… funny, engaging, ironic…” —Francine Prose, The New York Observer

“… a cheeky page-turner of a memoir… the zinger-filled book prances along Doonan’s path from adorning the trees with his mother’s brassieres to managing the image of a multimillion-dollar company.” —Deb Schwartz, Out

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